Why having learning & development opportunity is so important?

Getting started with blogging is difficult since there are so many things in your mind to say but when it comes to sitting down and actually formulating a post of your thoughts then words fail you…

This post serves as an attempt to start blogging about topics close to my heart – things I feel passionate about and wish to contribute to one way or another. I’m very keen on the development of human beings. Quite often people associate development with training or learning but there is more to it than just those. But I’ll come back to those later on once I get a chance to do some thinking and put some words on… paper…

Today I want to share some thoughts why development opportunities are so important.

Naturally many of us individuals feel we need to continuously develop ourselves based on constant pressure from the needs of a workplace. But for many just like me it is not so much about need to develop – it is about wanting to develop oneself continuously and constantly. Development opportunity is very energizing but also very engaging. Development opportunity is also one of the important engagement drivers which for sure has a positive impact on retention issues as well. Satisfied employees are not easily leaving although I admit that there is more to it than just development. Naturally the whole package needs to work and be on satisfactory level to retain people.

Due to constantly changing working environment people need new skills and competencies to keep up with immediate needs. But development is more than just new skills. To develop people also need the possibility to practice and renew old skills and competencies on the job in addition to acquiring totally new skill sets. People need feedback on their performance & competency and how well are they doing on their objectives.  This development framework can also be summarized as 70/20/10 but let’s come back to that one later too.

Having the development opportunity is a must for top talents but important for the rest as well. For employers the development opportunity means competent and satisfied workforce not to mention the effect on retention, motivation and engagement to current work.

Now this first post did not come out as smooth as I wanted. I may need to focus on more narrow topics and cover those in more detail. But as promised in the beginning this is a practise run… Stay tuned, more to follow as I can work out the things I actually want to say… Luckily there aren’t that many of you yet  reading this through… Huh…



About sleppane

Experienced human resource development professional who has a passion for innovation and development in Learning & Development arena. Passionate about Learning 2.0 - integrating Web 2.0 and more with pedagogical aspects. Keen on developing workplaces, practices and processes if they enable more satisfied workforce. Service Manager @ Sovelto for Learning 2.0 concept
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