Wouldn’t it be great to hear experiences from your peers?

Hello there,

We all love to hear those stories and examples how others have solved the problems I am facing. And why not. Learning from others is very powerful way to collect best practices and solutions that have worked in real life cases. However quite often this requires that you have some experience yourself to be able to evaluate the usefulness of the example to your use case.

Unfortunately these opportunities are hard to come by.

There is a huge opportunity to support these needs with collaborative online learning communities which enable sharing of personal experiences in context of more formal learning content. I am currently working on Learning 2.0 concept & service and I am able to share some updates regarding that in May. Stay tuned.

About sleppane

Experienced human resource development professional who has a passion for innovation and development in Learning & Development arena. Passionate about Learning 2.0 - integrating Web 2.0 and more with pedagogical aspects. Keen on developing workplaces, practices and processes if they enable more satisfied workforce. Service Manager @ Sovelto for Learning 2.0 concept
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