Is it time for Learning 2.0 ?

Hi there,

Would it be time to start investing in people? Many companies claim their biggest asset is the people working for the company. If that would be the case I’d be very happy and I would think what a forward looking people practices they must have. Unfortunately many companies blurting things like that do not actually walk the talk. Quite the opposite. 

In any case I would be hesitant to buy any services or products for that matter from any company that neglects their most valuable asset – competent, motivated and engaged people.

Some companies say that they are afraid their people would leave for another job if they would train them. Which is actually worse – to train your workforce and see some of them leave OR not to train them and see all of them stay… The other choice is to see some renewal and growth and the other choice is to valuate your operations as “dead in the water”…  

Now I do understand that under current economic situation many companies have their immediate priorities elsewhere. They are struggling to survive or to maintain a healthy level of profits to keep the operations alive not to mention ensuring independent decision making. Their sight is on upcoming weeks and months without any detailed longer term thinking other than company strategy may vaguely state.

At some point it would be wise to start planning ahead and trust that economy will start recovering and company & it’s workforce might need new capabilities and fresh thinking to overtake competition or even to stay on par with what is going on at the marketplace. 

Many have downsized L&D departments or staff working on people development. There is no easy way to start ramping up operations with minimal staff.

One has to start thinking alternative more modern ways to educate workforce, develop company’s strategic capabilities and to innovate something new. It is needed to outperform the competition and to re-engage and retain the workforce at the critical moment when you need them.

Welcome Learning 2.0!

Learning 2.0 is about online learning communities, best practice sharing, co-creation of value for the workplace, strategic capability development, learning enabled by the use of technology to support the masses in their quest for modern learning opportunities. It is about finding the link in between strategy and related development needs, enabling and engaging people to discuss and share what does the strategy mean for them. It is about cloud learning, personal learning environments and the use of social media and Web 2.0 functionalities in education.

But it is not just about business strategy and serving deployment of that with technology. It is about engaging people to learn together, sharing what is valuable for them at the workplace learning and to share the valuable experiences about adapting the learned things to practice at the workplace. Learners taking part of the responsibility to produce shared learning experiences and materials to benefit the whole community.

In short Learning 2.0 is an evolution of thinking, next phase in learning methodologies and -philosophy and these are supported by increasing use of technology and services. It is not solely about individual learning, it is about communities and shared learning experiences online. It is also a modern way to learn at the workplace. Evolution of learning and development with needs of the workplace in mind adapted to the needs of the communities and individuals. Deployed in fast, democratic and cost effective way to enable modern workplace learning.

This blog post was an attempt to open the dialogue regarding Learning 2.0 and new ways to support workplace learning. Next I need to describe in more detail how do we build these opportunities since it may not be self evident…

But I wanted to post something to get this started… Not the best post I’ve written but I have tried to write this many times and also scrapped the text… This time I decided to publish no matter what… But since I am not fully satisfied I need to continue the story soon. There is plenty of material since I have presented in many seminars already regarding this. But why is it easier to talk than write brilliant blog post about it? Beats me…  


About sleppane

Experienced human resource development professional who has a passion for innovation and development in Learning & Development arena. Passionate about Learning 2.0 - integrating Web 2.0 and more with pedagogical aspects. Keen on developing workplaces, practices and processes if they enable more satisfied workforce. Service Manager @ Sovelto for Learning 2.0 concept
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